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. . .is a private practice consultancy, specializing in System Administration, Website development & management, including Internet & Email Strategies, Design, Training, Implementation, & Hosting, primarily for Non-Profits.

These services include:

  • Hosting of websites. domain names, email, email lists and databases.
  • Acting as an on call system administrator for organizations with limited Information Management/Information Technology skills or experience.
  • Developing, upgrading and implementing websites and the associated strategies for Non-Profits to assist in fund raising, networking and promotion.
  • Managing domain name registration of websites for Non-Profits.
  • Developing and implementing Local Area Network schemes to bring online tools to the desktops of staff and volunteers.
  • Training of staff and volunteers in the use of online tool.
  • Integration of online tools and practices with the day-to-day tasks of Non-Profits.
    Database creation and management.
  • Performing audits of anti-virus and anti-spyware software and firewalls to protect agency systems against damage.
  • Backup schemes and strategies.

I work in association with other consultants and trainers, whom I have worked on a number of projects.
To arrange for a free consultation regarding the development of a Internet & Email Strategy or a system administration contract, please call or write.
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